poison symbolIf you picked up a cosmetic/skincare package and saw this symbol, would you still buy it? 

Silly question, right? Yet, that's exactly what's in mainstream cosmetics/skincare products. It's said that more than 10,000 ingredients are used in personal care products. Yet, the FDA has only banned 11. Some might argue that this means only 11 are harmful. Really, I guess that depends on how you define "harmful"--whether you're referring to immediate potential for death--like with mercury or chloroform, which are banned--or merely a relatively low, recurring level of neurotoxins, carcinogens, etc., and chemicals that cause "minor" symptoms like headaches, dizziness, skin irritation, etc.

That's a sad stipulation, isn't it? At this point, I don't know how many chemicals used are fully safe and how many have simply been subject to scare tactics by other supporters of natural products; yet, shouldn't we be able to buy cosmetic/skincare products and just know that the only risk we have is due to individual allergies? For example, some people are allergic to coconut oil or lavender, both of which are entirely natural, not inherently harmless, ingredients. It sucks; but, if all ingredients used were wholly natural and were listed on the label, we could just buy a different product. No big deal. Instead, without really in-depth research into those ingredient names we can't pronounce/identify, we can't really know what ingredients are used. When it comes to "fragrance," we can't know at all because, though the FDA requires that colorants be registered, it does not require the same for "fragrance." More than 3,000 natural or synthetic ingredients can be used in "fragrance." This means that, even in otherwise "natural" products, that elusive ingredient you're allergic to could be present if it's a scented product. Fragrance is also present in mainstream products marked "unscented." It's used to mask the smells of other ingredients used.

All of my products are 99.9-100% natural, 99.9-100% plant-based, always fragrance-free, and always clearly labeled, so you always know exactly what you're getting.



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